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Prempeh College wins NSMQ 2021 bags Dubai trip & more


Prempeh College beats Presec and Ketasco to win the NSMQ 2021 (National Science and Maths Quiz 2021).

The contest was a very keen one with close marks especially in the first round where Presec led Prempeh and Ketasco by 1 and 2 points respectively. The difference was 1 in each leading school.

Prempeh College students before NSMQ 2021 contest

As the 2021 NSMQ was hosted in Kumasi, KNUST Grea Hall, the Prempeh College students dominated the entire area to cheer on their contestants.

Watch the video captured by Yebekagh Network below.

Prempeh College NSMQ 2021

NSMQ 2021 Finals Results

1st round scores

Ketasco : 15pts
Presec, Legon: 17pts
Prempeh: 16pts

2nd round scores

Ketasco : 13pts
Presec, Legon: 26pts
Prempeh: 21pts

3rd round scores

Ketasco : 20pts
Presec, Legon: 33pts
Prempeh: 31pts

4th round scores

Ketasco : 27pts
Presec, Legon: 46pts
Prempeh: 47pts

5th round scores

Ketasco : 30pts
Presec, Legon: 49pts
Prempeh: 53pts

At the end of the contest, Presec and Ketasco lagged behind Prempeh College by 4 points and 23 points respectively. Prempeh emerged winners of the NSMQ 2021.

Prempeh College Jubilates after winning NSMQ 2021

In the last round, Presec lost a riddle on a risky try, all hopes for the school were lost. That was when Prempeh College students knew they had won the competition for sure.

The students jubilated ahead of the announcement of scores for Presec Legon vs Keta SHTS vs Prempeh College.

Winners of NSMQ 2021

The contestants for the NSMQ 2021 bagged themselves a trip to Dubai plus other exciting awards from the National Science and Maths Quiz 2021 sponsers.

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